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Securing The Future With Organic Tomato Seeds

By February 19, 2017Seed Bank
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Tomato plants and organic growing methods go together like butter and toast; they really benefit from each other. And if you want to make sure you are being fully organic in your gardening, getting hold of organic tomato seeds ensures you are not being half-hearted in your attempts to grow organically.

Fresh, ripe and straight off the vine- that’s the only way to truly enjoy tomatoes you have grown yourself. It’s all about the instant when the wonderfully red, sweet globe of your own tomato bursts so succulently in your mouth, right after you’ve picked it. But if you’ve been spraying chemicals around willy nilly, you’ll have to forgo that pleasure. If you want to avoid riddling our body with pesticides, the tomatoes will have to be taken home, and washed, before eating. Which takes the shine off of the whole experience.

However, it’s worth noting that there’s a lot more to growing tomatoes organically than just your own personal health, and that of your family. The health of many other groups is boosted by your organic approach to gardening. A whole array of birds and mammals eat the insects and plants that get sprayed with pesticides- these can build up in their tissues, causing untold damage.

Also, with organic growing, you are attempting to build up the natural organic matter called humus in the soil. Humus makes a great foundation for a wide variety of organisms that make your soil healthy and thriving- beneficial fungi, decomposing and nitrogen-fixing bacteria, and little insects and invertebrates.

Your plants will grow more strongly, be more pest-resistant, and, according to some studies, may even be more nutritious. Because you are feeding your soil lots of compost, manure and other organic matter, the soil builds up long term fertility. The soil becomes alive again, and much less susceptible to erosion and drying out – it is better able to retain moisture.

This means that the soil becomes a bank of fertility that will enrich future generations- in contrast chemically farmed tomatoes. There, the fast fertilizers are quickly leached from the soil, which adds nitrates to surrounding waters. And the lack of humus creates dead, lifeless soils, that are no longer as able to grow healthy plants – the soil is in fact being denuded for your grand children.

Who would credit it – your humble organic tomato seeds can actually help secure the future health and safety of your family for generations to come!

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