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Paradise seeds: A reputable seed bank for the growers demanding only genuine high quality seeds

By November 23, 2016Seed Bank
seed bank

Paradise seeds were discovered in 1994 after rigorous growing, testing and experimenting with many different varieties of cannabis seeds for almost 12 years. More than 5-6 years before the discovery of Paradise seeds, many coffee shops in Amsterdam had started selling imported hash and weeds from Afghanistan, Morocco, Thailand, Columbia, Mexico or Malawi. However, the problem with these imported weeds was that they were extremely poor quality strains. It was during this time that things began to change slowly. The United states started introducing new types of Cannabis seeds in the market. These seeds were early cross breeds of higher quality seeds. It was during these times that the DUTCH BANK showed keen interest in developing better quality weed. They undertook early research in developing seeds of improvised quality. With the intension of creating optimum quality weeds giving stronger high with a sweet/spicy taste, the Dutch bank started their research in Amsterdam and certain places in Holland.
The efforts undertaken by the Dutch bank for creating optimum Quality cannabis seeds for personal use gained immense popularity amongst the seed growers. With myriad new varieties of cannabis seeds given to number of enthusiasts for growing, Dutch Cannabis turned out to be the best in the World and its growing increased. Even the foreign growers realized that the Dutch Cannabis were optimum quality cannabis seeds. So, something that had started as a research and experimentation by the Dutch bank for personal use had become a ‘Paradise Seeds’ for growers demanding authentic, high quality cannabis seeds. The Dutch bank’s dedication to the Ganja bush had led to the growth of a reputable seeds bank called ‘Paradise Seeds.’

Paradise seeds strive for maintaining its finest quality by working with the most aromatic, tastier and potent plants.With strict emphasis on selection criteria, Paradise Seeds results in the creation of high valued and most powerful connoisseur cannabis seeds, a finest quality straincatering to the taste buds of all those who wishes to relish the saccharine fruits of the Dutch garden of Eden. The Paradise seeds are organically grown and regularly tested for sustainability. These optimal quality strains are results of regular batch test strictly endeavouring to achieve its objective of finest quality fresh and mature seeds.

Awards and Recognition
Prize winning varieties of Paradise Seeds featured at several contests for the cannabis seeds and stood out amongst its competitors. Its popular variety Sensi seeds won the first prize in 1999 in the biggest objective contest held in Holland known as HighLife Cup. Again in 1999, they were the first prize winners of Hightimes Cannabis Cup for their popular Sensi seeds while their Nebula fetched them a fourth position in the same category.In 2000 they again won second prize with Sensti Star at the Hightimes Cannabis Cup.