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New Way Of Planting Vegetables

By January 25, 2017Seed Bank
seed bank

We all know that vegetables are very important in our lives. Having a meal without vegetables is such a nightmare! Although it is not as delicious as meat, it is necessary for everyone with its content of vitamins, fibrous matter and some other important ingredients.

Despite its importance, nowadays in Hanoi a lot of people still have to eat low-quality vegetables which contain some harmful substances. In Hanoi nowadays, almost all of the land are used for building and factories. Consumers in Hanoi have to buy vegetable from far farms. Those kinds of vegetable are not only unclear as to the source but also are unsafe for health if these were soaked in chemicals.

Certainly, the vegetables in the supermarkets are believable in quality, but it is the very reason of why vegetables in the supermarkets are very expensive. In Hanoi, many families have used a new method of planting to have their own safe vegetables: Planting on the roof.

If it is the first time you heard about this method, I guess that you are laughing at me. How can we plant on the roof where there is only cement! Actually, it is possible. What you need is only a large space on the flat roof, some strong containers, and good soil. The soil can be brought from a real garden, the river bank or somewhere else. After bringing it to the roof, you can divide the soil into the containers and add some other component such as ash or fertilizer. Finding good seeds is also very important for it decides which kind of vegetable you will eat and how it will taste. The last but not the least, is time. You have to give a lot of time for your garden.

The vegetable is short-term plant, so it needs to be looked after every day. However, to have good produce, giving a lot of time is not enough. You also should have some knowledge of the planting field. You have to know what kind of fertilizer and how much to add in each container. You have to know which kind is the best for each season. You also have to know which needs a lot of light, which tend to grow in the shadow. To save the space in the containers, you can plant two kinds of vegetable in the same container, but be careful because these can kill each other.

The last but not the least to point out are the insects and diseases. Because you have to eliminate insecticides for your health, you have to find another way to deal with those things. In conclusion, you have to prepare carefully in both materials and knowledge.

If you can keep your garden green year round, it is such a great achievement! You can have fresh vegetable everyday without the worry of food poisoning. Spending time for gardening can make you feel relaxed after a long day from school or the office. Seeing your plant grow day by day is small happiness, and you should try to get it. It is interesting!

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