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Investors: Double Or Triple Your Money With Pre IPO Investments!

By December 23, 2016Seed Bank
seed bank

Stock investors will typically go with whatever stock play their broker recommends. You’re banking on the broker to know what they are doing so you don’t have to spend all day and all night draped over charts, statistics a buffet of TUMS.

Your broker will most likely pitch you the stock that his or her boss has pressured them into promoting in this morning’s meeting and unless all the stock pushers cooperate with a collective effort, they will not achieve the desired result of the stock price jump that will yield a modest profit.

Traders with a conscience find it hard to work under this type of pressure that places them in the gray area of securities ethics. As an investor, you need to stop and observe the obvious, it’s your money and to make more money you simply need to take the initiative to diversify your investment portfolio. Every investment portfolio boasts the same prototypical elements: stocks, FOREX, IRA, bank savings all seasoned with modest microcap investments. A small minority of ‘in the know’ investors have a secret weapon.

Some investors have stepped outside the clichs of investing with the masses and sought out the diamond in the rough, the mother of all investments and that investment is ‘seed’ capital in pre-public companies. I’m not talking about pump it and dump it Pink Sheet garbage but I mean the home of the prosperous, land of the lucrative OTCBB market.

These affordable and powerful stocks should exist in every portfolio but buying discount stock as an initial investor in a pre public company that is in the process of qualifying with the one SEC guideline that has made some modestly wealthy people, extremely wealthy and that qualification is that in order for a company to go public they must have a minimum of 40 seed investors whether they need the capital or not.

Being one of the 40 investors in a promising, cutting edge pre public company can, many times, mean that your small initial investment can increase by 200%+ in an extremely short time. Seek out the ultra-lucrative pre public companies and watch your net worth skyrocket!

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