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Hybrid Seeds Reproduce Differently Than Heirloom Varieties

By October 22, 2016Seed Bank
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Most people who have never studied the subject think that seeds are all basically the same. In the most simple terms this is true, but farming techniques such as cross pollination, genetic alteration, and selective breeding have led to specialized forms of seeds that are quite different from one another. The way in which hybrid seeds grow is a major different between them and non hybrid seeds; a garden planted with hybrids cannot be self sustainable. Some survival seed scam artists have been known to sell hybrid seeds to clients who wanted to use them for their sustainable gardens; by being cautious, this will not happen to you.

Some companies have claimed that hybrid seeds are incapable of reproducing, but that is only true of genetically altered seeds. As farmers have spent years cross pollinating seeds searching for the best, most delicious, most attractive produce, hybrid seeds of all different kinds have been made. The seeds gathered from parent hybrid plants, however, tend to have much lower germination and growth rates.

Non hybrid seeds grow into nutritionally sound plants, fruits, and vegetables. When you plant non hybrid seeds, you know that the seeds found in the produce will be able to grow into fruit bearing plants. If you are hoping to set up a sustainable garden for your family, be sure that it is with this type of seeds.

Worries over possible widespread food shortages have led to new companies forming and selling emergency seed kits so families can plant crisis gardens. These kits are advertised as containing only non hybrid seed varieties, and while many companies provide just that, a few are running survival seed scams and taking advantage of their customers. If you are thinking about purchasing a survival seed bank, be sure to only do business with reputable companies who are well reported on by former clients. This will stop you from blowing money on seeds that are not right for your garden.

You do not need to be tricked by survival seed scams; by taking time to investigate companies before buying, you can be sure that your seeds will grow and reproduce correctly. Do not purchase kits that include hybrid seeds which cannot be counted on to provide you with seeds that will keep your sustainable garden growing. Whether you are storing seeds, collecting them, or shopping for your garden, look for non-hybrid or heirloom seeds. They are a little more expensive, but are well worth it as they can keep your garden self sustaining for years to come.