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How to Write a Business Plan?

By February 18, 2017Seed Bank
seed bank

The best way to proceed would be through online research. The business research is one of the best ways to be able to develop a good business plan. Only when you have a clear idea on the kind of business you plan on starting and getting the funding from, you will want to begin. The objectives of your business have to be clearly written down.

How will you get the money from?

The option of always applying for a bank loan is there. But, you will want to know other ways to apply for money. When you apply for a bank loan, you will have to repay them, which is why it is best to try and convince a team of investors to invest in your business. You will need to share your ideas with them and highlight why they should put their money in your business.

There is something called funding from investors and angel investors. In some cases, businesses are funded by the customers itself. Deciding on who are going to be your lenders is also a very crucial thing for a businessman. These things depend on the convincing ability of an entrepreneur and more importantly the opportunities provided to a businessman.

The future

Where do you see your business in a few years time? This question is often not asked by several entrepreneurs who then find themselves in a critical situation later on without knowing what to do. Knowing the future of the business in a few years time is a vital thing. You cannot miss out on that.

Entrepreneurs like to see for opportunities where they can make headway. The networking meet which are held by Times Entrepreneur every month is done to bring many start-ups, investors, franchisors, SMEs, business seekers, and business owners to face challenges by them in the highly competitive environment.

You can simply log on to www.timesentrepreneur.com/networking_meet to join the meet.

What are some of the benefits of networking meet:

* You are given the golden chance to share your business idea

The ‘The Makers’ gives you the golden chance of speaking in front of a crowd that is eager and wants to know more about your business. Though all entrepreneurs are not provided or offered the chance to speak, those who are provided with it, need to ensure that they make full use of it.

* Entrepreneurs can meet like-minded people

Entrepreneurs can meet like-minded people. The meet gives them the chance to come face-to-face with some of the big names in the industry. Meeting with them, gives them with the ideal opportunity to learn several things from them. Apart from that the company also provides other services like funding, working space, and mentorship programs.

* You are provided with mentorship programs

Several entrepreneurs have not being able to succeed, though they got everything right. Sometimes succeeding in business is not only about the hunger and thirst to succeed, but also to avoid certain pitfalls, which can be taught through mentorship programs. They realized that several entrepreneurs keep making the same mistake and failing where they should not.

* It enables women entrepreneurs to succeed

The networking meet enables women to succeed in what they do. It is not surprising to see that several women are turning into successful entrepreneurs. They have the zeal and hunger to succeed and contribute for society, which is a good thing. With the help of these networking meets they can now kick-start their business and get the required support from successful entrepreneurs who can even mentor them.

Times Entrepreneur offers entrepreneurs with several business ideas, working space, research, and consulting services. It helps you have good industry growth and success. With the help of ‘The Makers’ which is a networking meet organized every month, small scale businesses and start-ups can come and take part to benefit from it.

For more details, log on to www.timesentreprenuer.com.

Significance of having funding

As an entrepreneur you will want to know that having the right amount of funds for your business is required. Unless you have the required funds you are not moving anywhere. Your business will become stale and non-movable. This is when you will want to know how to raise funding and how to find angel investor.

Doing that is easier said than done. Taking active part in the network meet gives you the ideal opportunity to highlight your case. You never know the effect of it. Perhaps some buyer or investor might be interested in putting their money in your business after seeing or hearing your presentation.

You never know the opportunities which are generating once you are part of a network meet where some of the big shots of different fields of business have come to attend. You would have heard about a woman entrepreneur who found her first investor in the form of Ratan Tata after going empty handed for a year.
So, being patient and taking part in these kinds of meet are crucial for success. Having the right kind of mentorship also enables you to take wise decisions and avoid making common mistakes which can cause harm in the form of losses to your business. Like we read before, running a business is not a child’s play.

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