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How To Ensure The Safety Of Organically Grown Foods

By February 19, 2017Seed Bank
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Over the last few decades, the vegetables and fruits available in the market are found to contain more and more chemicals in the form of pesticides and fertilizers. The harmful effects are making people turn towards organic farming. Though it turns out to be more expensive the produce is free from all sorts of chemicals.

It is never a good idea to consume the vegetables sprayed with chemicals for if not today, sometime in future you are bound to face the consequences in terms of health. Like more and more people who are turning to grow their own vegetables for daily use, you could also do the same and start a simple kitchen garden to grow veggies for your home. It is very simple and easy project to do.

In the first phase of the project, you would need to read up books on making your kitchen garden and identify a suitable location to set up your garden. Check out what vegetables are suitable and can be grown easily. Your family must like those vegetables too otherwise they may not like to eat it. Find out where is the nearest seed bank for you to get seeds from.

Dig a big hole and put all the leaves and organic waste from your kitchen to make compost pile. It will take several weeks for you to prepare the compost and use it as a natural fertilizer.

Compost pile will take about six months time for it to decompose and be ready for use. Hence you would need to start this much before you plant the seeds in your garden.

The spot you choose for the kitchen garden should get plenty of sunlight and air for your vegetables to grow healthy. They should also be kept away from rodents.

When you are a beginner, it will be far easier for you to start with tomatoes and carrots and then go on with others as you gain experience. You can visit others who are having similar kitchen garden and get a lot of practical tips from them.

Before you start sowing the seeds, it is better to fence the area and tell all those friends like rodents, pests and animals that they are not welcome and you do not share anything with them. They can uproot all the plants and your efforts can go waste.

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