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How Non Hybrid Seeds Are Considered Different Than Hybrid Ones

By October 29, 2016Seed Bank
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Many people do not know that what are hybrid seeds and why people prefer these seeds instead of hybrid seeds. The chief reason is that with hybrid seeds, you never know what the output will be- the next crop can be significantly different than the current one. While if you go with the non hybrid ones, you can be sure that the next crop will be the same as the current one.

If you wish to plan a garden, then use the seeds, which are open pollinated, organic, non hybrid, heirloom seeds. And it is because of the reason that hybrid seeds are made by altering the DNA structure of the seeds. Thus it is not possible to guess that what type of crop will you find after DNA mutation.

In addition to it, many harmful chemicals are used while introducing these hybrid seeds so that they can become pest repellant. And the use of the yield of this crop may harm your system because of these chemicals. These harmful effects are not visible while using them for a short time, but you will realize these effects on a long run, they can harm your system by spreading a lot of diseases. Researches have shown that there are many dangerous diseases including certain types of cancers that can be caused by the harmful toxins that are often injected into these hybrid seeds.

The reason of selecting these non hybrid seeds over hybrid seeds is that the non hybrid seeds do not cause harmful diseases and therefore you will be safe and secure. And if you will opt for these non hybrid seeds, then you will get a lot of different varieties in color, texture, flavors etc. And since their structure is not mutated, the plants from these seeds will grow normally and produce healthier output.

If you wish to get a healthy and natural crop year after year, you have to ensure that seeds should be of open pollination and not of cross-pollination. And it is the reason of choosing non hybrid seeds because you will be sure of the type of next crop and they are healthy and natural too. So if you want to start a garden, or to maintain a survival seed bank, you must always get these non hybrid seeds since they are much better than the hybrid ones. You must ensure of getting open pollination and not cross pollination in your garden if you wish to get a stock of good quality seeds.

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