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Heirloom Garden Seeds A Must for Survival Gardening?

By November 24, 2016Seed Bank
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People normally keep themselves prepared to survive on their own for as long as seventy-two hours after a disaster. However, even after the immediate danger passes away, it may take time to get back in to normalcy. In that case you have to be ready for a prolonged necessity to survive on your own. You have to be equipped to survive from the produce that you grow yourself. When you plan for your survival gear, survival gardening should also be taken in to account.

Selecting right survival seeds is important when you come to storing essentials as your survival gear. Do not be disheartened in case you know very little about gardening. In the face of an emergency, you need to learn fast. When a crisis breaks out, people buy and store more than their usual requirement, leaving the shelves of the superstores empty in no time. The normal food distribution chain needs at least three days for the shelves to be refilled. If the crisis continues more than three days, you are left to survive on your own indigenous produce.

There is a certain type of survival seed that you need in your seed bank, heirloom seeds or non hybrid seeds are what you need to buy. The reason is that organic seeds such as non hybrid seeds allow the farmer to collect a fresh patch of seeds each harvest ready to plant for the next.

Hybrid seeds or genetically modified seeds lack the virtue to produce new seeds. They are made to deliver a single harvest only. Hence, you need to keep your survival garden stocked with organic seeds, so that your stock is never exhausted.

For your survival gardening, ample heirloom garden seeds should be amassed; a quantity that could see you through three harvests. You really need just one set to plant, and the rest you should store in your emergency seed bank. With each harvest, you will get a fresh batch of seeds like that you planted for your first harvest.

Purchasing vacuum packed non hybrid, heirloom seeds is the answer to your survival garden needs. They will last for as long as you need them and supply you with endless amounts of food if necessary year after year. Getting your seed bank ready and your survival garden planned is a step in the right direction for any survivalist. You never know when a food crisis will strike or how long it will last, be prepared and be a survivor.

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