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Contents of Android Development Courses

By January 14, 2017Seed Bank
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Android Development Courses are heading the industry with lucrative job offers. The android market is booming lately with new inventions on the block, most of the developers are inventing apps that are widely used. Some of the apps are free and others are charged, if you are a sole developer then consider this option profitable in the end. Google is incorporating new trends in the market, it has captured the mobile world with its Android feature, and 60% of the population is latched on to Google’s Android.

Android Development Course content is as follows:

Object-oriented Programming Using Java
Object-oriented ConceptsIntroduction to Java Writing Java classes Language fundamentals Inheritance & Polymorphism Java API Support Exception Handling Collection Framework and Generics AnnotationsClient-Server Application Development Using Java
Building GUI Java Swing Components Event Delegation Model Swing MVC Multithreading Synchronization Socket programming Applets Input-Output (File I/O) JDBCWeb Component Developer (WCD)
Java 2 Enterprise Edition Advanced JDBC HTML & JavaScript XML Java Servlets Java Server PagesAndroid
Mobile computing Android Basics Basic Ul Building Adv. Ul Creation Intent Service Content Provider Notifications Unit Testing Android Playing a song Connecting with the Internet Multi-touch features Location based services with GPS Working with Data (SD Card) Creating a Google Maps application Taking a photograph Using the Sensors Android App MarketSeveral institutes are offering this course with their best faculty members onboard. If you are planning to undertake this course then adhere to the simple guidelines mentioned in this article.

It is important for you to check the reputation of the institute before enrolling yourself for the course. Institute reputation matters a lot for such courses, with the use of such institutes you would be acquired by a MNC.
Course contents are mentioned above in the article, the institute should offer genuine Android Development Course certification. The institute will provide certification to the student after the completion of the course and will carry Google logo. Check for authentication since most of the institutes offer fake certificates.
Check if the institute is ready to offer placements after completion of the course, getting your dream job should be the ultimate goal of your life. Check for the names of companies that have visited in the past year for placements, the list should have names of Fortune 500 companies.
If you are opting for loans then consider a bank that has a tie-up with the institute. The interest rate of such loans will be less than other banks.

By adhering to these guidelines, you would surely save lots of time and money. This article provides you with a direction that can guarantee your success.