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Can You Really Afford That Holiday?

By August 20, 2017Seed Bank
seed bank

A large amount of people in the UK would rather go into the red than miss out on their annual holiday. Before you take off again, perhaps who should think about getting things in order? Contrary to belief there is no such thing as popping off on a bargain holiday. Even though cheap flights are advertised and accommodation costs seem very reasonable, holiday costs still remain high. The actual cost of the flight is undeniably cheap, however, start adding on flight taxes and airport supplements and the costs sneak up. That is if you can fly from the airport of choice, more costs will be involved if you need to overnight at the airport hotel.

Having planted the seed in your mind that you are going to be having a few weeks in the sun, to then find out it is more expensive than you originally planned, it is difficult to avoid temptation to click the book it now button. Besides, you have worked hard all year round, you deserve it and you will cope with things so much better after a good break. If it is luxury that you are used to, you may find the bargain break that you have booked not quite up to the standard you expect. The likelihood of you upgrading is quite high. You then arrive on you longed for holiday and your money worries seem a million miles away.

Research has found that just over 6 percent of people borrowing to finance their holidays use a credit card, 10 per cent take out an unsecured loan and 15 per cent rely on a bank overdraft. This just goes to prove that millions of people are borrowing to fund what others might think was an extravagance. The best thing to do as soon as you get back from your holiday is to get your finances sorted. The best place to start is to draw up a list of debts. These should include your credit card balances and calculate your monthly loan repayments.

If you have a few debts, a consolidation loan would probably be easier to manage. Alternatively, if you are a homeowner with a good amount of equity in your property, then a secured loan may be a good idea. This would be the best choice when it comes to interest rates and the loan can be paid off over a longer period.

The best place to search for loans without a doubt is the internet. An independent adviser will search out the best deal for you and get you back on the right track. In future you should put more thought in planning your next holiday. Have a budget and stick to it and spend time checking out the alternatives. The internet is a good place to start your planning. There are numerous sites that offer reasonable priced named accommodation and you can then carry out your own checks on these. You should also arrange your very important holiday insurance this way too. The best air fares are also found this way too.

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