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Before You Grow, What You Should Know

By October 31, 2016Seed Bank
seed bank

As with all types of things there is a learning curve involved and growing your own marijuana isn’t any different. People who have grown Australian cannabis seeds for 25 years are obviously going to be better at it and more knowledgeable than someone who just got their first bag from an Aussie seed bank. Many new growers will be shy to get started for fear of failure, but don’t let that happen to you. You should know some common things before you get started. We will take a quick look at a few of them with you.

Keep It Under Wraps

First and foremost, don’t talk to others about it. We’ve all heard it before but it’s important to be said again, talking about the fact that you want to or are going to be growing your own marijuana is a no-no. This means with anyone because anyone, even your best mate, could be a snitch, so keep the secret to yourself, it’s just safer that way.

To Use Lights Or Not To Use Lights

The second tip is about window growing. Most of the time, it just isn’t enough. We know that the best source for any plant when it comes to light, is sunlight, but growing your plants indoors with just the window won’t be enough. To get a strong, healthy plant, marijuana needs to get as much light as you can possibly give to them. It might be cheaper for you to attempt to use the sunlight, but it will not be as effective. If you want to grow your Australian seeds correctly, invest in a few lights for indoor growing.

Being Prepared

Being prepared is very important when it comes to growing seeds from an Australia seed bank. You must first know what your plants need such as lighting, nutrients, water, CO2 and more. Also, make sure to educate yourself on what to do if your plants start to show negative signs or signs they are being infested by bugs. Not being prepared can be the different between getting your purchase from the Australian cannabis seed bank to grow properly or not.

As with everything new you learn to do, there will be struggles and possibly failures, but the best thing you can do is get educated on growing before you get started. Invest in the proper equipment and purchase seeds from a reputable Aussie seed bank so you know the seeds you are getting will be top quality seeds, perfect for your first batch of plants!