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3 Principles to Have More Freedom and Joy in Your Coaching Business

By July 17, 2017Seed Bank
seed bank

As you work to help others, are you still living like someone who isn’t really free? Here are three success principles I have learned over the past year that, when applied, will give you your own reason to celebrate your life.

1. You are the average of the five PEOPLE you hang around with the most.

When I first heard this I didn’t believe it. That is until I did an honest assessment of my current social network at the time. When I began associating with people like I wanted to be I started changing.

I realized I needed to surround myself with people whom I wanted to be like. I still love my old friends, but I make a specific effort to find and be around people who take risks, think big, and talk about great ideas instead of the latest celebrity gossip or how much they hate their jobs or life.

Where do you need to adjust your social network? Does it push you to greater heights or bring you down to where it is? Remember the universal law that all things are always in motion; there is no neutral. If you are not going in a positive direction, then you are going in a negative direction.

It has also been said that your bank account balance is typically the average of the five people you hang around the most. (This might even be scarier for some!)

2. Your regular habits and routine determine your future.

The habits you have today will determine your outcomes tomorrow. You have to change your habits to fit where you want to be. If you want to be a great artist, you must have the habits of a great artist. If you want to get in shape, you’ve got to have the habits of a fit person.

If you want to be a millionaire, you’ve got to have millionaire habits. A great way to start is by keeping a daily journal of your everyday habits and routines. Keep the journal for at least a week. Then do some hard core evaluation, and ask yourself the following questions.

For what do my habits prepare me?
What habits do I need to get rid of right now?
What new habits can I put into place right away?

3. Make sure your ENVIRONMENT supports you in playing to win.

Most people spend their lives just trying not to lose in the game of life. They then create environments that are geared to protect them and not to enable them to actually WIN. It is like putting a seed in a ziploc bag so you won’t lose it and nothing will happen to it. It might stay safe but it will never realize its potential unless it gets out of the bag and into the right environment for its growth.

Pay attention to these three areas of your environment:

Your physical environment. Do you love where you live and play? Do you love your office, car or home? Are you surrounded by attractive things? Do you have a nice view or at least a beautiful piece of art to look at? You don’t even have to spend a lot of money on your environment. Little touches like plants you like, music you love, the right chair, and photos of friends and family can go a long way. This is often the most underrated of the 3, so make sure you pay close attention to it.

Your emotional environment. Are you getting the support you need from your family and friends? It’s up to YOU to ask for what you need. If they cannot provide it find someone who can. Find a coach, a mentor, or a support group. I find it wonderful to have an online group of fellow coaches who want the same things I do. I can bounce ideas off them, ask for help with problem solving, share my victories, and sometimes just vent! But guess what? I didn’t wait for them to find me. Sometimes you have to be the one who creates the support network you need.

Your intellectual environment. Speaker, Jim Rohn says, “Are you feeding your brain protein every day, or are you just giving it candy?” Most Americans sustain their brains solely on candy – that is, useless television shows, news, and gossip. Are you stimulating yourself with big ideas and new learning? Check out a seminar, take a teleclass, or buy some books or audio programs.

Remember: No one is responsible for the results in your life but you. If they are then they have the power and you are destined to waste away in the world they create. Start taking responsibility for the good and bad in your life, and get the life you want!

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