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By March 18, 2017Purple Marijuana
purple marijuana

You may have marijuana San Jose clubs that sell medical cannabis, the other name of marijuana. But beware, you may be handed a drug that is a powerful narcotic that can do you in. Yet, many people in marijuana San Jose clubs may extol the virtues of cannabis believing it to be soporific and harmless even though an intoxicant. In fact, it is a point of faith for many proponents that marijuana is completely risk-free.

Is it true? It is true that in many countries cannabis has been exonerated of the charges leveled against it, but it is also true that a series of current research has swung the pendulum too far in the opposite direction.

Researchers have revealed serious mental health consequences including significant risks of dependency, precipitation, and aggravation of psychosis and acute dysphoric events. Those who are in the adolescent stage are particularly vulnerable.

But advocates still swear by the harmless nature of marijuana. They believe cannabis uses need to be tolerated and restriction need not be put into place. What is their argument? They say,

* Marijuana has been made illegal only in recent times. Earlier, huge number of people used it as a medication to treat myriad ailments and they never associated any harm with it.

* Marijuana can help alleviate many symptoms such as those of dreadful diseases like cancer, AIDS, and epilepsy, not to mention lesser ailments like migraine, menstrual cramps, and labor pain.

* Medical marijuana is often prescribed by physicians as a form of THC therapy.

* Incorrect media attention has provided a lot of disinformation on Cannabis.

This argument may well be true. But, the key reason why the serious ill effects are highlighted is because of the growth and distribution of high-potency cannabis. During the past several decades, cannabis cultivators have developed and bred plants that are much more potent than the versions that were in use as medicine earlier. More than 200 million people worldwide use marijuana every year, and a good number of them, if not most, use it as psychotic drug. It is no wonder that more cannabis is seized than any other drug in the world.

What about Marijuana Potency?

Marijuana comes from the Cannabis sativa plant and it is today the most illicit drug in the United States. This plant is known to contain more than 400 chemicals, the main component being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that affects heart rate, short-term memory, and increases anxiety. THC is a very potent chemical compared to all other drugs. An intravenous dose of even one milligram can produce serious side effects. Marijuana is readily available in many parts of the United States. For example, in California you can get it in marijuana San Jose clubs. Medical marijuana industry in California is burgeoning, whereas the Department of Public Health issues licenses and polices storefront cannabis collectives. Every place like marijuana San Jose and San Francisco marijuana will have to provide names and addresses of the grower with whom they do business.

Whatsoever, marijuana smoke is surely a passport to drug dependence, very often with disastrous consequences?

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