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The Christian View of Legalizing Marijuana

pros and cons of marijuana

Marijuana should be legalized, but only under certain conditions. It should be legalized only for certain farmers under government control and should be used for clothing, food and many other things that are beneficial to our economy.

Medical marijuana should be legalized remain only with the approval of the doctor to people with cancer, glaucoma, tremors, and grants. I think marijuana should be legalized, but at the same time protected. That must be protected and assured that it is safe and away from the illegal sale and growing of the United States.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, the use of marijuana continues to decline, but it is increasingly easy to access and adolescent use. Availability is increasingly easy because of the medical marijuana and the illegal sale. Teenagers are growing in a cellar of their parents medicine cabinets and abusing the medical marijuana with friends.

A study by CASA indicated that 23 percent of children aged 17 to 12 years could buy marijuana in an hour or less and 42 percent of them said they could do in a day or less. Los Angeles Times, written by Jill Adams in 2008, it was said that some 25 million Americans smoked marijuana in the past year, and nearly 100 million people who have smoked at least once in their lifetime, according to the latest National Survey drug use and health by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services of the Administration.

The use of smoking marijuana can lead to many adverse effects associated with thinking, depression, lungs, and many other problems.

In 1976, a man named Robert Randall was arrested for cultivating his own marijuana. Robert won this event, and who suffers from glaucoma, and explained that medical marijuana helped his condition. With the passage of this case, Robert became the first American to receive medical marijuana.

There are pros and cons of this example. The Government has to ensure that marijuana is protected and nurtured not only by anyone who wants. The good news is that Robert received medical marijuana for the right reason, which was that he had a medical problem, which could help.

As anyone can see, marijuana is a serious problem and must ensure it is carefully managed in today’s society to use. The reason for the legalization of marijuana has become an issue is moot because there are many ways it can be beneficial, but also many ways it can be harmful and is used improperly. Marijuana should be legalized under certain circumstances it is used properly and protected from any unlawful activity and use.

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