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Pros and Cons about Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Gig Harbor

By January 15, 2017Pros And Cons Of Marijuana
pros and cons of marijuana

The great debate about marijuana is still in progress. Nobody can answer directly and clearly about legalization of medicinal marijuana in Gig Harbor. From several years, people are arguing on this topic and this is why many counter arguments and arguments exist.

Arguments of both sides

The most obvious negative answer for the question is “Will you allow your child to smoke marijuana?” whereas on the other hand the monetary arguments does not seem convincing. Estimates about potential revenue obtained from consuming, producing and growing marijuana with savings from potential law enforcement however provides good amount of monetary benefits. Proponents do not agree with that because most of the people caught while break the law by using marijuana only get a “slap on their wrist” whereas revenue and savings might also be realized.

Arguments Related To Health

The anti-legalization side is in argument that marijuana is hazard to health and addictive, obtaining an argument on pro-legalization which says” only in case consumed in large doses and frequent time interval”. However, the use medicinal marijuana in Gig Harbor for treating ailments is still favored by many people. The studies of critic cite shows that it is helpful as medicine to immune system damage, heart attack, problems related to respiration and cancer. But there are some short time hazards also like loss of motor skills, distorted perception and memory loss. According to the proponents appetite is enhanced by marijuana and it is also helpful in treating the symptoms of glaucoma. The critics however feel that there are better drugs also which can be used in treatment of these problems. According to the people who are in favor of legalizing medicinal marijuana in Gig Harbor believe that if cultivation of marijuana become legal then we can also find cure for some other diseases.

Hazards for others

The critics say that the use of marijuana not only affects their users but also other people around them, just like second hand smoke of tobacco. They also provide statistics as instance to show that marijuana is also responsible for driving accidents and crimes as the ability of staying alert, concentration, reaction and coordination is affected by it which proves hindrance in reading signals, reacting to signals and judging the distance. To this the proponents say that tobacco and alcohol offer similar effects but both of them are legal.

Following Alcohol and Tobacco

According to the proponents limitations, on smoking of tobacco and consumption of alcohol can be imposed on the use of marijuana. In addition, age limit can also be imposed to prevent the minor from using marijuana. However, critics believe that alcohol and tobacco are not as dangerous as marijuana so there is no meaning of giving marijuana the same benefits as given to tobacco and alcohol.