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PHO Propane Hash Oil from Craft710

By November 26, 2016Propane Hash Oil Extraction

If you’re in Colorado look for this Propane Hash Oil by Craft710 at RiverRock Wellnes and other local dispensaries.

Sponsored by – RiverRock Wellness http://www.riverrockcolorado.com/

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I’m a Medical Marijuana patient in the State of Colorado.
Thank you for your compassion.

► This video is intended for Legal Medicinal / Recreational Cannabis Patients & 18+ Adults.

► This stuff is simply amazing. Brought to me by Herbal Dispatch, powered by RojiTech… It tastes like the ultimate skittle mouthwash!!!

► So, I am an MMPR patient in Canada who extracts his own medicine in multiple different ways, that i’ll be showing on this channel, in beautiful HD!

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