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O.pen Vape Product Review

By July 7, 2017Open Vape Pen

An in-depth review of the O.pen Vape by 3kingsvapereviews.
The o.pen is an open-source, button-less (e-cig style) vaporizer pen, that is paired with pre-filled cartomizers, which are available in 150/250/500mg strain specific packages. The strain availability is going to vary, depending on where you live & what your local caregivers/dispensaries have on hand, or worked out with O.pen.

The o.pen got a 4 out of 10 from us, mainly because the pre-filled solution they use is a glycol base, and we are definitely NOT glycol fans! Testing in Colorado labs supposedly came back with only a 23% active thc level(250mg cart)….which is basically the same level of potency that is found in most regular flower.

1.The design (BuddyTech Bud Touch) is sleek & discrete.
2.The 280maH battery lasts 3-5 days.
3.The cartomizers can be re-filled.
4.The pen doubles as a stylus for touch-screen devices.
5.Button-less design makes it easy to use.

1.The glycol solution makes for lower thc levels.
2.The glycol can alter the flavor of you concentrate.
3.The cartomizers have been known to leak.
4.The glycol can also irritate/burn your throat.

Overall, we feel that it would be a great unit, if the company wasn’t using P/G & was able to offer oil that was actually in the same ballpark, thc-wise, as other concentrate. 23% is in NO-WAY a level of active cannabinoids that anyone would consider “concentrate”. But other than that, it’s a sleek design & the stylus tip comes in handy, when you’re trying to work on your tablet/phone & vape at the same time.

We hope you found the review helpful.
If you have any questions about the o.pen vape, don’t hesitate to leave a comment & we’ll get back to you asap. Thanks for checking out our review & remember to subscribe. We will be bringing you more products, every week! – D 3kingsvapereviews
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