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OK E Cigarette Review **EXCEPTIONAL VALUE**

By February 4, 2018Ok E Cigarette

OK E Cigarette Review

I review the OK E Cigarette (E Cig) it has no smoke, just vapour and doesn’t damage lungs as it has no tar in, no ash. The end lights up as it has an LED in it. Charging it, the light goes red and when it is fully charged the light goes out.

I am very happy with this E Cigarette which is NOT DISPOSABLE – just £6 including postage, complete with 2 refills, a USB charger and the E Cigarette itself from this web site or Asda stores in the UK. Make sure if you google ok e cigarette you go to the one with the hyphen and dotcom as the other one is not the same.

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I buy the high nicotine refills as the medium didn’t seem to take my cravings for nicotine away completely
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Carol, an accomplished stage actress who is also well known for her roles in popular TV shows like Brushstrokes and EastEnders, began smoking in the early Seventies.
“In recent years I’ve made a huge effort to give up for every major birthday and I’d managed to cut down to ten a day, but it just seemed impossible to get over that final hurdle.
“Thankfully, I’ve managed to do that by using OK e-cigs. The benefit that I’ve found from them is that I’m not so breathless. Coming up stairs, I’ve got to the point now that when I go to meetings I want get the lift because I don’t want to get out of breath.
“That’s not really the way I want to be. I like to be healthy and I’ve felt so much healthier since I’ve given up those last 10-a-day and used e-cigs these instead.
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