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E Cig – How does an electronic cigarette work?

By January 23, 2017Nicotine Free E Cig
nicotine free e cig

As clear from the name itself, electronic cigarette is a different form of traditional cigarettes and require no tobacco, match-stick or any flame. These are also known as smokeless cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or e-cigs. These are designed to look like regular cigarettes but they offer an alternate method of smoking–though there is no guarantee that this will help people to quit regular smoking.

Actually, and electronic cigarette is powered by battery that liquid nicotine into a mist, or vapor. This mist or vapor is inhaled by the user. As you can see, there is no flame and no smoke. Therefore, it is clear that electronic cigarettes do not contain any of the harmful chemicals that are found in the regular cigarettes.

Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik invented the electronic cigarette and patented the device in 2003. In the following year, electronic cigarette was introduced in the Chinese market as a commercial product. The main motive was the provide an alternative to the smoking people who want to quit smoking but find it difficult due to long habit that they have made over the years. Various companies offer e-cigarettes but they don’t any type of guarantee that whether they will help quit smoking or not.

There are various types of electronic cigarettes that are manufactured by various companies. Depending on the design, the user may simply inhale from the cartridge or in some of them there is a manual switch that activates the vaporizer inside.

In its structure, an e-cigarette has 3 main parts:

* A rechargeable lithium battery

* A vaporization chamber

* A cartridge

A charger similar to used for cell phones can be used to charge the rechargeable Lithium battery. The battery is connected to the vaporization chamber–this is where the vapor is created. The cartridge contains the liquid nicotine and also has the mouthpiece that the user uses to inhale the vapors. As the user inhales from the mouthpiece, the atomizer heats the liquid in the cartridge and converts the liquid to a vapor, which serves the purpose of smoking for the user. The exhaling of the vapors is also like a regular smoking process but it is free of various harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

In another design of e-cigarettes, there is light-emitting diode (LED) on the end that lights up when the user inhales. This simulates flame and gives the impression of regular smoking. However, users should not try lighting the device with actual flame because the battery may explode.

The liquid nicotine has got various variants and sometimes there is it is totally nicotine free. This liquid is also called smoke juice and is usually propylene glycol. This is an additive that the FDA has approved for use in food, but the amount of nicotine can be chosen by the consumers depending on their own preference. Manufacturers also like to add various kinds of flavors to the liquid ranging from tobacco and menthol flavor to mint, chocolate, coffee, apple, cherry and caramel.

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