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Great Benefits of Switching from Smoking to Vaping

By December 21, 2016Mod E Cig
mod e cig

Even though the main reason behind the invention of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers was to serve as a modern and convenient alternative to the long practiced habit of tobacco smoking, these devices come with several other, incredible benefits. And these benefits go far beyond our health. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that make vaping the best alternative to smoking:

Fewer Risks, More Health Benefits

Electronic vaporizers do not produce any carbon monoxide, tar or any of the other 4000 toxic substances found in conventional cigarettes. This reason alone makes e-cigs a must have device for every smoker.

Furthermore, e-cigs are beneficial not only for your health, but for those around you as well. Secondhand smoke is considered to be a lot worse for your health than actual smoking. With e-cigs giving off no secondhand smoke, you no longer have to worry about bothering all the other people around you or putting them at risk.

Is Less Costly Than a Cigarette Habit

Electronic cigarettes cost a lot less than smoking tobacco cigarettes. With cartridges, you save about $ 5 compared to a pack of cigarettes, while e-juices result in savings of up to $ 10 per pack. Secondly, many people don’t realize this, but since you are no longer considered a tobacco user, you will see your monthly insurance rate considerably go down.

Cleaner and Safer Environment

You know the best thing about going green? No more searching for ashtrays all over the place, or fumbling around for a lighter. It’s one less thing to carry around. Plus, forget bad breath and smoke stench getting embedded into your clothes, or permeating throughout your car. Furthermore, since there is no actual flame, you won’t have any more burn holes in your clothes or carpet either. And once you are done smoking, simply pop the e-cig into your pocket and off you go. How cool is that?

You May Be Allowed To Vape in No-Smoking Zones

Electronic cigs do not emit smoke and therefore, do not fall under the category of smoking. So no need to step outside to quench those extreme nicotine urges, no matter where you are: at work, in a restaurant, or the airport. However, be sure to check with the establishment first, just in case.

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