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Vaping 101 – Moving from VV to Mechanical Mods

By October 12, 2016Mechanical Mod Vape

Vaping 101 - Moving from VV to Mechanical Mods

We get a lot of requests from people who are currently using a variable voltage ego style pen and are looking to upgrade and get into mechanical mods. People want to get into mech mods but don’t know where to start. We decided to create a quick video showing everyone exactly what you need to get started.

A lot of people also askif GVS has a mech mod starter kit. GVS came up with “The One” package which includes a Lunar Mod, a Patriot rda and a Mystic Atmos drip tip. It can be found here: http://www.grandvaporstation.com/gv-package/starter-kits/the-one.html
Grimm Green reviewed this package: http://youtu.be/wBtn-wOfym0

This video was created before we got Royal Wires which is the only thing missing from the video but Royal Wire by Dryx can be found below on our site along with everything else in the video with Super Fast and Always Free Shipping.

Royal Dryx Wire: http://www.grandvaporstation.com/accessories/royal-wire/royal-wire-by-dryx.html

Lunar Mod by V-Creations: http://www.grandvaporstation.com/mechanical-mods/v-creations/lunar-mech-mod-by-v-creations.html

Patriot RDA by Innovape Mods: http://www.grandvaporstation.com/rebuildables/patriot-rda.html

efest battery: http://www.grandvaporstation.com/efest-imr-18650-limn-1600mah-battery.html

Intellicharger: http://www.grandvaporstation.com/nitecore-intellicharger-i2.html

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