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Keeping a Teen Boy’s Bedroom From Resembling a Frat House

By November 25, 2016Marijuana Pictures
marijuana pictures

As parents, you know the importance of giving your teenage boy some freedoms when it comes to decorating and customizing the one room of the house that he sees as his, but it can quickly turn against your sense of style. Without some direction and guidance, his room can quickly take on the look of a frat house and some age-appropriate boundaries need to be set. However, do not be afraid to introduce interesting ideas and design styles, especially those that appeal to your sense of style as well as his.

* Silhouettes

Paint and wallpaper in neutral shades may seem very boring to him, but painting the walls black is probably not on your list of favorites either, so it is key to find something that offers a compromise to each of you. A basic white wall is a good start, and there are dozens of black silhouettes that will let him add his favorite characters and icons to the wall without garish posters or frat house imagery focused on nearly naked females and beer. You can find music, sport, movie, video game, and other icons in many different retail stores, and most can easily be removed or replaced if and when he decides to move on in tastes and preferences.

* Prints and Posters

It can be very difficult to find prints and posters that you can agree on, since his taste and yours are likely worlds apart. However, you might be surprised about the people, places, and events that interest him, especially if you talk about his design ideas. For example, if he loves snowboarding, he might like a stylish framed print of a Colorado ski slope or Winter Olympics panoramic view. For a vintage or retro style aficionado, a classic Woodstock poster with a vintage wood frame could be a great touch that you both love.

* Tasteful Girls

Some teenage boys – okay most teenage boys – want to have girls on the wall somewhere, either in posters, prints, or some other representation. While you might not appreciate the beauty of the latest swimsuit models or teenage female singer, he really does, and there is nothing wrong with him. It is simply raging hormones, and one way to help him display his own tastes without letting it go overboard is with a corkboard. Give him a large corkboard for pinning pictures, usually the size of the average poster. He can put up and take down pictures when he wants, changing the girls on the board as often as the girls in his life fluctuate.

* What to Avoid

He might like the idea of neon lights displaying alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs, but one key point that we should make is that enough is enough. Allow him concessions in some places, such as sports and girls, but skip the beer and marijuana displays for his own good. Teach him to focus on things that are not illegal or immoral without preaching; just try to redirect him toward things that he is interested in, such as sports, music, science or politics.

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