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Favor Ideas Best Abandoned

By January 30, 2017Marijuana Pictures
marijuana pictures

Wedding favors are meant to commemorate your wedding day long after it as passed. You want your guests to take away good memories when hey go home after the wedding party, not laugh their heads off at your ridiculously silly favor ideas! And not in a good way either.

With that said, you had better say “Adios, mi amigo” to the following favor ideas if you don’t want to become the laughingstock of your friends now and cringe at the thought of your foolishness in the future.

Edible Candy G-string and Bra

So, you wanted to provide your guests with edible wedding favors with a naughty, very naughty, twist. Then, you saw this edible candy G-string and bra set over the Internet and thought, “Eureka! I found my wedding favors”. NOT!

It may be made of more than 300 fruit-flavored candy arranged most ingeniously into wearable underwear but it’s one of the great favor ideas for Valentine’s Day, not on your wedding! Scrap it. Or better yet, eat it on your honeymoon.

Human Key Kinky Holder

You just wanted to provide your guests with wedding favors off the beaten keychain/keyholder track. So, you decided that, yes, those human key kinky holders are ideal. You don’t know what these are?

These are wall-mounted key holders where the receptacle for the key is located in the most private nether regions of the male and female forms. If your guests forget their keys, they just need to look downwards and remember your tackiness.

Gas Mask Bong

Here’s another one of those favor ideas that make you think that it seemed like a hilarious idea at the time. Unless your guests are all marijuana-smoking addicts and will remain so for the rest of their natural lives, say a hasty goodbye.

Besides, do you really want to be remembered as the guy who got arrested on his wedding day on suspicions of pushing drugs at his guests? Probably not.

Chocolate Body Paint

And then there’s the chocolate body paint wedding favors. Sure, it’s edible, it’s chocolate, and it’s cute. But it’s still body paint, it’s tacky and it’s suggestive! What will your parents, aunts and uncles say? That you are probably off your rocker even before the shackles of marriage got you in its clutches.

Do yourself a favor and say goodbye to one of the kinkiest favor ideas ever. Instead, reserve it for your honeymoon in the Caribbean.

Mind Trainer Toilet Roll

And here’s the tackiest and wackiest of them all – Mind Trainer toilet roll. Sure, it may be a personalized wedding favor because you can have your initials and pictures stamped on the boxes. But what in the name of the gods of toilet paper crossed your mind to accept that this is an excellent wedding favor?

Still, if you want to be remembered every time your guests unload their toxic wastes, then by all means, go ahead. At least, you will have a hand in making them more intelligent than their poop via the puzzle games in the toilet paper.

Well, these favor ideas may be tasteless, tacky and tawdry but you will have a good laugh. Just be prepared to accept that the joke will be on you!

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