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Different Methods and Gadgets For Surveillance

By June 17, 2017Marijuana Pictures
marijuana pictures

As technology advances newer methods and gadgets for surveillance are manufactured using the latest state of the art know-how and the equipment gets virtually invisible as well.

Whether it is the good guys or the bad guys, newer gadgets for surveillance have come into play, displacing the older ones. The devices are more sophisticated, their range is greater and their visibility and detect-ability is also less. While old fashioned physical surveillance will always be around, these new gadgets make surveillance activities easier.

Audio Gadgets

Audio devices can be totally covert, without the person who is being spied upon even having an inkling that they are being used, to devices which work when the spy is in close range. For example, it is easy to bug phones and track vehicles as everybody who has ever watched any spy movies knows.

But did you know that even your mouse could be a transmitter? That innocuous looking wooden pen, that mains adaptor, that socket even that LCD clock could be transmitting your conversations or any audio to the person who is spying on you.

Visual Surveillance

For visual surveillance purposes, apart from the naked eye, the most commonly used piece of equipment is the camera. These small covert cameras can be practically invisible because they are in everyday objects. They may be in a smoke detector, an airfreshner, in eyeglasses, in a ladies’ brooch, a handbag, a book, a pen, a tie or even a baseball cap. Many of these covert cameras may also be doing audio recording. These cameras offer high resolution color pictures and usually video recording as well.

Some of these can even be used at home to spy on nannies and baby sitters or housekeepers if there is any suspicion of any wrong-doing or even just to monitor that baby’s being well taken care of. There are special nanny cams in the shape of toys so that fit in a baby’s room décor without arousing any suspicion.

Night Vision

There are many different types of night vision gadgets available ranging from binoculars to goggles to rifles with night-scopes. These allow you clear sight, sometimes with magnification. Most of them use infra-red technology to enable you to see in the dark.

The more sophisticated versions are water and dust proof as well and have higher viewing ranges. Some of them come with separate lenses for different purposes.

Special Equipment For The Special Forces

For the special forces or for specialized situations there are other gadgets available. All phones can be jammed with phone jammers. Even bombs can be jammed.

The police or other forces can use testers for various drugs like lsd, marijuana, cocaine, rohypnol and various opiates.

For hostage or other sensitive situations there are various types of body armor, which can be worn. There are gas masks and detectors in case of dangerous chemical or biological agents being used. And, of course, there are bullet proof vehicles for additional security.

Many of the new gadgets and devices may be illegal to use except without proper authority by law-enforcement agencies or private detectives. But many of them are sold via the internet, making them more accessible to an ordinary person who is willing to shell out the big bucks these items cost.

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