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How Marijuana is Perceived in Canada

By August 13, 2017Marijuana Health Benefits
marijuana health benefits

Marijuana in Canada has become much more than a simple plant, for many people indulging in marijuana is a way of life. It is a way for better quality of life, but for those who do not use it for medical purposes, it has become a recreational vice. Canadians do not see any harm in using marijuana, they see it not as a gateway to harder things; but as the light at the end of the tunnel. They’re those Canadians who uses Marijuana as a treatment, and feel that their lives are better off because of it.

Marijuana is of course one of Canada’s biggest cash crops, and Vancouver has become the center of the marijuana culturing Canada. Thousands of people each year make pilgrimages to Vancouver because marijuana use is tolerated to a certain extent, but is also still viewed as an illicit drug. Even though it is viewed as a controlled substance, Canadian officials have realized that many can benefit from a plant that has been demonized throughout the world.

Marijuana not only surpasses timber, corn, wheat, and cattle as far as the agricultural industry; but also has become a topic of discussion among Canadians in the legal field. That is why in 2001, Canada passed a bill allowing for the medical use of marijuana not just in British Columbia and other provinces in Canada, but also throughout the entire country. In British Colombia alone, marijuana counts for over $ 10 billion in revenue each year.

Marijuana in Canada is not only seen as a medical herb, but also as a commodity that can help strengthen Canada’s economy. Canada’s passing of a medical marijuana bill is only the first step in making sure at this harmless yet misunderstood plant will become available to all without any fear of prosecution from law enforcement. The penalties if caught using marijuana are very relaxed, if a grower is caught they will face a maximum of only two years in prison depending on how large or grow operation is.

The medical benefits of using marijuana far outweigh any detriment it poses to society. Not only the plant beneficial to many ailments for which there is no cure, but it is also safer to use than many pharmaceutical drugs. Canada has realized this and have allowed its citizens to use the safe alternative, and giving them the freedom of choice on what they choose to put into their bodies.

Around the world marijuana for the most part is strictly illegal, it has been grouped in with other harder and more dangerous drugs. This is not fair for a plant which is 100% natural, the full extent to marijuana’s benefits medically have not been fully explored. Canadians have realized this, and are taking strides in making sure that this plant is no longer misunderstood, and that marijuana cannot only help a society benefit medically from it, but also benefit economically.

Marijuana in Canada is still continuing to grow exponentially with over’,000 grow houses in British Colombia alone, people are starting to discover that marijuana can benefit in more ways than one. Canadians have also realized that marijuana is not as bad, or as detrimental to society as it was previously believed. Cultures, thousands of years ago have use this type of natural medicine to cure many of their own sick. It is not until now that people today are starting to understand that marijuana can help improve the quality of everybody’s life. No matter how it is administered, those who feel pain will recognize that marijuana is good for the body and soul.