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How Canada Is Using Marijuana

By January 26, 2017Marijuana Health Benefits
marijuana health benefits

Marijuana in Canada is becoming much more popular among Canadian citizens, not just those who need it for medical purposes, but those who do not use it are much more tolerable towards marijuana. The Canadian government has allowed marijuana for medical use, and many of its citizens are living much better lives because of it.

In Canada 16.5% of its citizens ages 16-64 have used marijuana in the past year, Canada has become the world leader in marijuana use. This can be seen as a bad thing in some circles, but considering that there have been no increase in crime associated with usage. Canada may be onto something that other countries should follow.

Not only is marijuana in Canada used for health benefits, it is also Canada’s biggest cash crop, far surpassing other Canadian agricultural staples such as timber, and cattle. This has created an underground and aboveground market that is flourishing, the underground market goes from the growers to the dealers to the recreational users. The aboveground market goes from the growers who purchase luxury items and supplies for their budding business. The money may seem dirty, but considering that the majority of it is going back into legit businesses to pay their taxes to the Canadian government. The economy is being helped in some way by marijuana.

Marijuana in Canada centralized in British Columbia, the province of British Columbia has over’,000 grow houses within its borders, and these grow houses are run by individuals who only want to make a profit. Organized crime is just a very minute percentage of those who deal in marijuana trade. This is part of the reason why Canada has allowed the medical use of marijuana because it does not see violence to be associated with those who grow Marijuana. Another reason why Canada has allowed the medical use of marijuana is because Canadian officials see the positive health benefits of using marijuana.

The medical benefits of using marijuana are vast, ranging in everything from a headache to cancer, marijuana has been used not only in Canada but in different cultures throughout history as a medicine to help treat and cure various ailments. The science and research behind it has been both replicated and verified, and the more research that is being done on the medical use of marijuana the better off Canadian citizens will become.

THC is not the only compound found in marijuana that has been found to be medically beneficial, there are other compounds that have been found to be anti-psychotic and can help not with pain, but mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Once more countries are involved in studying marijuana all of this plants benefits will be discovered.

For a plant that has had a recent tumultuous history, there are many myths that are simply false about a plant, that for the most part is harmless. The benefits of using marijuana for medical purposes far outweigh whatever harm it does to the individual. The Canadian government has realized this and in 2001 past a medical marijuana bill, giving their citizens freedom to choose a type of medicine that works for them.

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