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Marijuana Cures Cancer? Still Illegal

By December 16, 2016Marijuana Cures Cancer

Marijuana compound recently found to stop metastasis of many kinds of cancer.

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Marijuana Oil Kills Breast Cancer Cells in Canada – CNN News

An estimated 580,350 died from breast cancer in 2013 (http://www.cancer.org/acs/groups/content/@epidemiologysurveilance/documents/document/acspc-037124.pdf)

More than 41,000 American women are killed by breast cancer every year.
Researchers in the San Francisco lab are searching for a cure for breast cancer by using a compound found in marijuana.
The compound prohibits growth of breast cancer cells, stopping the spread of tumor cells at no harm to the patient.
It may also be used to fight prostate cancer.
Can Marijuana be used to treat aggressive cancers?

In Novia Scotia, Cannabis Oil is being used as a cure all miracle drug. Rick Simpson has been making this Hemp Oil and giving it to friends.
“Well you can’t deny your own eyes, can you? Here’s somebody dying from cancer and they’re not dying anymore. He’s somebody that had something else and they’re cured. And here’s what’s doing it!”, said Rick Simpson.
Here from one military veteran, who’s own father had used Cannabis Oil to treat and deal with his lung cancer.
Government officials are looking to ban the use of Hemp Oil because of state and federal laws, which do not allow for Marijuana or Cannabis to be converted to the oil and then used for medicinal purposes.

The Royal Canadian Legion will not back Rick Simpson or his miracle healing Hemp Oil. They believe it goes against the laws of the RCL.
What do you think?
Should Rick Simpson be allowed to continue making and sharing the Cannabis Oil?
Lots of State and Federal governments still recognize Marijuana to be an illegal drug, and as such have enforced a criminal stigmatism to anyone associated with it.
Though, Rick Simpson doesn’t seem a pot-made-violent-killer.. The government still refuses to see the healing benefits, preferring to opt for the old and archaic view that marijuana doesn’t have healing power.
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