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Anonymous: WikiLeaks that Show Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells

Marijuana Documentary: Anonymous reveal WikiLeaks that Show Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

The active chemical in marijuana kills brain cancer cells. Thc causes brain cancer cells to eat themselves.
Health Beat shows that THC treats Alzheimer’s disease, the leading cause of dementia.

Could marijuana help with memory? Study in Ohio is looking into this. See more. Does thc stimulate the formation of new brain cells?

Harvard university studies that brain cancer is cured with cannabis oil. It cannot be used on humans because it’s illegal.

While drugs and alcohol suppress the growth of brain cells, marijuana actually increase them.

CNN talks about human trials using one of the 400 compounds of marijuana.

Cannabis expert Tony Moffat talks about marijuana to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Pushing for human trial. Studies in mice prove that cannabis treats memory loss.

#opcannabis anonymous reveals scary wiki leaks that treat anorexia, aids, and many many other diseases. This study has been hidden by the government, but thanks to Edward Snowden and the wikileaks program, we can now share these truths about marijuana freely with the world. Please share our videos and content to raise awareness and help legalize Marijuana!