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Important Facts You Need To Know About California’s Medical Marijuana Program: How To Get Your Medical Marijuana Recommendation

By November 27, 2016Legal Marijuana
legal marijuana

Many Californians are finding relief from their ailments using medical marijuana. But just how to get your medical marijuana recommendation is still unclear for many. The process is quite simple and is really no different than consulting with your doctor for treatment of any ailment.

California residents, 18 and over with a qualifying medical condition are eligible. You must consult with a licensed MD or DO to approve your use of medical marijuana.

A government issued photo ID is a standard requirement. A driver’s license or state ID card are your best bet to proving state residency, but your passport and a current utility bill also works.

Scientific studies and research have shown medical marijuana effective in combating the neuropathy associated with MS, HIV and cancer patients. Many patients with chronic pain, PTSD, insomnia, and depression find medical marijuana to be their most effective treatment solution and void of the many unwanted side effects associated with their prescription medications.

Consulting with a MD or DO is the final step to obtaining an approval. This final step can be somewhat tricky depending on your particular situation. Your primary care physician is the most logical choice, but often times he or she is not familiar with the California Medical Marijuana Program and therfore unable and unwilling to provide you the necessary support or ducumentation to gain legal and safe access to the medicine. More often than not, you will most likely consult with a doctor that specializes in providing cannabis approvals. These doctors are familiar with the state medical board requirements for approving medical cannabis and can provide you with the necessary documents and verification systems to obtain medicinal cannabis from a local collective, cooperative, dispensary and/or delivery service.

It seems incredible that 14 years since the passage of Prop 215 many Californians still do not know how to get your medical marijuana recommendation. The process is simple and straight forward. Continued scientific research will hopefully bring about change and support for a medicine that has been part of eastern pharmacopeia for thousands of years.

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Donald Trump, a political outsider, was elected President. Massachusetts, Maine, California, and Nevada legalized RECREATIONAL marijuana (welcome, guys!), while Florida legalized medical marijuana! Huge win for truth and freedom, and for those in pain who need Nature’s most cutting edge medicine.

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