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Cannabliss Reports DEA May Soon Reclassify Marijuana

By June 21, 2017Legal Marijuana
legal marijuana

The US Drug Enforcement Administration has confirmed that, within the next few months, it will make a decision that could mark a turning point for the legal marijuana industry.

The administration announced its plans to lawmakers in a memo in which it said it plans to decide in the first half of 2016 whether or not to reschedule marijuana from the schedule 1 classification it shares with hard drugs like heroin and LSD to a schedule 2 or 3 with drugs like cocaine and ketamine.

“A positive outcome would likely throw the door to expanded research into marijuana’s medical potential wide open,” said Brad Flint, marketing spokesperson for Cannabliss, the Florida-based wholesale distributor of medical and recreational marijuana and cannabis-infused edibles.

Currently, the US government has an exclusive contract with a University of Mississippi laboratory, which supplies federally legal marijuana for medical research.

“While there has been tremendous progress at state level with more and more voting to legalize marijuana legally and recreationally in one form or another, it’s still very much an illegal substance at the federal level. A reclassification to a schedule 2 or schedule 3 drug would remove many of the barriers to advancement both in terms of medical research but also in terms of the growth potential for the entire industry,” said Flint

Cannabliss is set to launch a small chain of 22 retail outlets supplying legal marijuana to those with physician’s prescription in the state of Florida pending the outcome of a state-wide vote on a November 8, 2016 ballot.

About Cannabliss:
Cannabliss is a wholesale distributor of medical marijuana products on the continental United States. Cannabliss only works with retail and medicinal outlets – we do not offer or distribute THC or CBD-based products directly to patients or to the general public.

We buy highly-consistent, fully-balanced, pure cannabis-infused edibles from leading growers and manufacturers of THC and CBD-based products and provide secure, reliable and safe distribution to a number of well-known, licensed medicinal and recreational use dispensaries in all of the 23 states that have passed legislation permitting the use of medical marijuana. Our ability to buy inventory from the growers and manufacturers in considerable quantities means that we are able to pass on generous discounts to our contracted outlets enabling cheaper prices for end-users and enhanced profitability for dispensaries.