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Master Kush Marijuana Strain Review

By August 27, 2017Kush Marijuana

The marijuana strain Master Kush was first (as far as we know) marketed by Sensi Seeds in Amsterdam. This offering is from Medusa Gardens in Washington state and was sourced at Herbal Nation Bothell.

It is a cross of Indian and Afghan strains and is supposed to be 95 percent indica. The strains she originated from are known for their use in hash production in the Hindu Kush region of the world.

There was a slight hash scent from the small flowers and a little more once they were ground up.

The smoke was earthy and dense with strong kush flavors, and the effect was heavily indica, but very clean. Very nice smoke.

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What is the meaning or definition of Kush? You hear the term Kush all the time in reference to different Marijuana strains. Or just used in general. Today on Lex’s World we explore the origin of the word and what it means now. Don’t be fooled by buzzwords! Only commit to memory consistently good strains with unique names such as white widow or train wreck. Is the original “kush” landrace present in many strains nowadays? Possibly. Depends to what degree you believe the seed breeders; but calling something ‘kush’ when it’s 1/16th or 1/32 the original strain is what I call false advertising.

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