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E-cigs – Vaping for Beginners (Part 1) – E-liquid / E-juice

By March 25, 2017Kix E Cigarette

A beginners guide to vaping.
Hello everyone, in this video series I will be teaching you all of the basics of electronic cigarettes. Hopefully showing people who are new to vaping where to begin and how to get started. I will be going over and explaining things like E-liquid / E-juice, batteries, Atomizers, Cartridges, and Cartomizers.

This video should give you the fundamentals of vaping. It will teach you some of the terms used with vaping, show you how to get a good experience from it, as well as teach you enough about it, that you can confidently vape and find the parts that you need to get the best experience for you.

The intro song used is “You’re Driving Me Crazy” by Rudy Vallee. I am only using a sample of it for entertainment purposes. Go check out his music!

Thanks so much for watching!
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