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A PBusardo Video – A Visit To Joyetech

By September 13, 2017Joyetech Made In China

A PBusardo Video - A Visit To Joyetech

A PBusardo Video – A Visit To Joyetech

Ok gang, here they come, the new set of China videos from our second visit.

In this first one we visit with Joyetech, meet some of the key players, and see the Cuboid being made.

Hope you enjoy it!

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  • brip eeer says:

    Joyetech d16 baby

  • rob cuisinier says:

    thank you fore sharing this video gr rob good work dums up

  • bill bixby says:

    I bet Janty wishes they had $1 for every device with a 510 connection since they are the ones who invented it.

  • Tor-L says:

    You should have texted the film cuse it is impossible to understand anything over the noise at the fabric. Heeey…you know what i mean?

  • Tor-L says:

    China…. 🙂 If these prods had being made in EU OR USA these prods would have cost much more money….money,,,,

  • Tony Mowder says:

    The creator of the 510 has a very angry resting face…

  • Proraptor says:

    That was an awesome video thanks. Love my cuboid

  • Bolshoi Booze says:

    Wish they could provide with more than 3 months of warranty. My Evic-VT just died with less than a year of usage.

  • Tony Concilianti says:

    My Cuboid such, I'm not angry with joyetech, it's a cheap device you could expected, I'm angry with the tons of youtube reviewers from all over the world, no one noticed that this fruited device has issue with 510 connector? No one? Damn

  • E Tow says:

    Joyetech runs a much tighter ship than the other manufacturers, just the line workers wearing ESD smocks and wrist bands says something about their commitment.
    The wiring attachment process is called soldering, not welding. The coating is called "conformal coating" which is usually mil-spec and can be detected with UV lighting.
    I always enjoy these facility tours so keep up the good work in showing your viewers.

  • Niels Eric Calasin says:

    Well lucky me I got those 0.1% failed Cuboid. Fml

  • AJROSS80 says:

    Hey Phil. Great video. It's great to see where/how the devices are made. I would like to see the machining of the tanks. Would be good if you could make a video on that if you visit China again in the future.

  • Clinton Edwards says:

    It was cool seeing the Wismec Reuleaux RX200 in the pressure chamber.anyone have one they been using for the last month? how is it?Phil your the man,you are the person i learned to vape from and you got me hooked on the kayfun V4 i hated that damn thing,then one day it all fell into place.its the best tank on the market come on top fill and you can remove atomizer w/o draining tank and its beautiful.oh and you get to play with building coils.gotta love it.oh i cant wait to hear people complain about it hahaha.thanks for all the china tours gives me a new respect and a new understanding,

  • gabeszg says:

    this is bullsh*t i have two cuboid and none of theese came in a 100% perfect conditions (where were the checkings ? …)

  • Jesse F says:

    My first cuboid had a defective battery door right out of the box. Had to press the bottom for the battery's to make contact. Interesting after seeing all of this quality testing.

  • Masaharu Morimoto says:

    Excellent Phil! Thanks! When The CEO mentions leakage in most tanks, this is the reason I love my Cubis!! I have had 0 leakage in 2 months, more than I can say about any other tank. Joyetech is the best, I feel great about my money going to them!

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