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電子タバコ Joyetech eGo AIO スターターセット 使い方

By January 16, 2017Joyetech Flavors

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How To Prepare Your Starter Kit - Joyetech eGo ONE

Today we will learn how to setup the CRAFT VAPERY Starter Kit.

The CRAFT VAPERY Starter Kit comes in two versions. A mini version, which comes with an 1100mAh battery, and a standard-sized version, which comes with a 2200mAh battery. The only differences between the two starter kits are their physical size and battery life.

We will demonstrate today’s instructional using the 2200 mAh starter kit, however, the process is identical for all of you using the 1100mAh mini starter kit.

When you purchase your new CRAFT VAPERY Starter Kit you will receive an:

eGo ONE battery
eGo ONE e-liquid tank
eGo ONE 0.5ohm Atomizer
eGo ONE 1.0ohm Atomizer
Micro USB charger
USB wall charger adapter
Metal / Delrin drip tip
Organic glass drip tip
Lets begin.

First, grab your Starter Kit and unscrew the tank from the battery. Place the battery to the side. Then unscrew the base from the tank.

Here you will see that the 0.5ohm atomizer is already installed. Go ahead and remove the atomizer by unscrewing it from the base. Then go ahead and re-attach the atomizer by screwing it back onto the base. This will familiarize you with replacing your atomizer in the future.

Once you’ve reattached your atomizer to the base, set it aside. It’s now time to fill your tank.

Grab the tank and hold it at a slight angle. With your e-liquid in hand, angle the dripper inside the tank and place it over the surrounding chamber, not the middle airflow passage. Any liquid that gets inside of the airflow passage has a high likelihood of getting into your mouth, so fill the surrounding chamber carefully.

Once your tank is filled, grab the atomizer and base and screw it back onto the tank.

Then screw the tank back onto your battery.

Lastly, grab one of the two drip tips and insert it into the top of the tank.

Now set your vape aside for 10 minutes to ensure that the atomizer is fully primed, meaning that you’re going to allow your atomizer to become saturated with e-liquid before you ever try to vape it. You can help this process along by drawing air through the vape several times without pressing the button. Repeat this step every time you put in a fresh atomize and never rush the process, as trying to vape a dry atomizer can permanently ruin it.

After your atomizer is primed, focus your attention on the air control ring. By adjusting this ring, you can dial in the amount of air that passes through your tank when vaping.

To turn your vape on, quickly press the silver button 5 times. You’ll see a light behind the button flash multiple times, confirming that your vape is on and ready to go! Quickly pressing the button another 5 times will turn off your vape.

As the saying goes, “nothing lasts forever.” This is also true for your atomizer. You will know it’s time to replace your atomizer once it stops producing the quality of flavor that it produced originally. You can purchase a 5-pack of 0.5ohm or 1.0ohm atomizers from the CRAFT VAPERY Shop, or choose to have a 5-pack shipped to you every month in your CRAFT VAPERY subscription box.

To charge the eGo ONE battery, insert the USB cable directly into your vape, making sure that the red charging light is illuminated. The red light will turn off once your battery is fully charged, but don’t worry, you can still vape your starter kit while it charges!

If you have anymore questions or concerns, please feel free to contact CRAFT CARE by sending an email to care@craftvapery.com!

Happy Vaping!

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