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The Way To Avoid Puppy Biting Down Hard

By July 21, 2017Joye

While most puppy owners desire to enjoy high quality time with their pet, not most of them are keen to give proper guidance & leadership that their young pet requirements. There will probably come a period when the young pup begins to develop habits that are undesirable. The most unpleasant of the puppy behavior problems is the one about puppy biting down hard.

A puppy will start teething between 3 to 6 months old. Currently, they might become more fun. To soothe their soreness gums, biting and chewing gets more prevalent. As opposed to letting the puppy chew your fingers or other parts of the body, provide something cold, such as a chew toy that has been left in the fridge overnight. It won’t only help avoid the puppy from nipping your fingers, it will likewise help soothe their aching gums.

While it’s okay to allow the young pup to mouth or nip fingers during play, it’s best to teach it to prevent biting from a young age. Obviously, once they grow sharp, needle-like teeth, the effects would unfortunately be much better. The moment the puppy’s teeth start to injure, yell “Ouch!” and gently withdraw your hand. Then stop the game fully and leave.

A typical mistake masters make is always to scream and lash when their puppy bites too hard. This only makes all the puppy interested and definitely will repeat it just for the enjoyment of seeing the master’s response. Other masters react to this through punishment, which is a very big mistake. This will only ruin the master’s relationship with the puppy and result in trauma to the pet.

To avoid puppy biting, the owner must recognize that rewarding the puppy for the last time behavior by giving it treats or simply giving appreciation is the easiest method to teach it to continue the behavior. Even worse behavior is inhibited when it’s merely ignored. Punishment is never the answer. It just teaches the dog to fear you or be aggressive against you. We do not want that, do we?

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