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Simple Valentine Gifts For Her

By December 19, 2016Joye

This holiday is one that is special and important in the minds and hearts of women. It is an occasion that creates a wellspring of emotion and romance. This is when you should be creative, responsive and unselfish. So choosing simple valentine gifts for her

The most popular and desirable choice is flowers. Of the many types of flowers and floral arrangements, roses tend to be the traditional pick by men, and adored by women. When you buy them in a half dozen, dozen, or more, it’s usually not about the quantity, but the quality. Personalize the flowers with a love note to express your feelings.

Next after flowers comes the chocolate. Again, be creative. Use a chocolate fountain or fondue for dipping fruit or marshmallows. You could also buy the traditional box of chocolates. Here you can personalize it, mix up the flavors, buy different styles and sizes. Whether you have it delivered to her or you do it yourself, just don’t forget the chocolate!

Dinner and music is always a good choice too. This creates a feeling of being pampered. Choices include fine dining, going back to an old favorite or forgotten place you went when you first dated, or be daring and make the dinner on your own. Add in nice music and you have now created a moment that captures the spirit of romance.

Don’t forget about a greeting card. There are several varieties to choose from here, whatever you end up with just be sure to add your personal feelings to the card and not just your signature. Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to make her a special hand-made card. Add in your own reflections and poems about your love and relationship.

A final consideration for a gift would be lingerie. If you are up to this challenge, the reward is two-fold. First, she will feel special and a bit vulnerable. Second, you get to experience the sight and beauty of her!

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