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Secrets Revealed #17 – Dr. Joye Pugh – Dragon Kings – The Lineage of Cain

By August 8, 2016Joye

Dr. Joye joins me today to discuss the yard parable which metaphorically veils the beguilement of Eve with that of consuming an apple when in fact, Eve’s eating good fresh fruit from the tree of this familiarity with great and evil in actuality has actually every thing regarding this lady having been seduced by Lucifer. Thus the consequences leading to her conception and beginning of Cain, which being of sinful one was the first created scion for the devil and seed for the serpent. The yard parable connects in every way with the parable for the sower while the parable regarding the grain as well as the tares as asserted by Christ as he referenced that an enemy had snuck in to the garden and sowed the tares. Then explains that opponent could be the wicked one, and that the sinful you’re the devil.

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