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Vaping For Non-Smokers?

By February 12, 2017Is Vape Bad

Here is a video with my dad. We talk about why we vape, even though we never smoked tobacco cigarettes. We use it as a tool to relax. ***
Hey guys! Just an quick update. I’ve been nicotine/vaping free for 3 months now! It’s not good to start vaping if you are a non-smoker. It can be just another ‘thing’ in your life that you ‘need’ but you really don’t NEED. Vaping is great for an aid to quit smoking, but guys…don’t be like I was. I started doing it 6 years ago because it was new and it ‘looked cool’. But it became an addiction over time. Yes you can vape with 0 nic juice, but if you start with 0 nicotine when you’re a nonsmoker, you can very easily be tempted to bump it up to some nicotine juice. Again DO NOT START VAPING IF YOU ARE A NONSMOKER! I know this seems kind of hypocritical since this is what the video is about, but I’VE CHANGED MY MIND DANGIT! I would just remove this video but DANG LOOK AT THE VIEWS… Thanks and God bless (:
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