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My Vaping Story – Bad Chest, Sore Throat, Should i Still Vape?

By February 18, 2018Is Vape Bad

Do you guys still Vape when your ill, let me know below. The videos does go off track a bit but we are ill!!!!
I love to vape so I’m spreading the word as best I can about it. Take a look at my playlist and like/subscribe to my channel. There is a couple of non-vape related bits but its all about the Vape for me.
I will try to run my videos in series with the tittle indicating whether its experience, vape news, benefits, draw backs, my gear etc..
I hope you enjoy my channel and have a good crack at Vaping, it’ll save you life.

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Has Vaping Been Saved? New FDA Regs - Bad Celebrity Impersonations with Banzai - Zampletalk ep. 8

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Huge news in the word of vaping! The FDA regulations which were threatening to close down almost all of your favorite vape companies has been pushed back. Ian and Chris discuss these changes with Banzai Vapors. We also do (terrible) celebrity impersonations, talk about what happened this day in history and more! As always, please like, share and subscribe if you’d like to see more of this content, and leave any suggestions you have below.

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FDA regulations: https://banzaivapors.com/blogs/banzai-vapors-blog/fda-delays-vaping-regulations

Cute doggo that looks like cotton wicking: http://i.imgur.com/VxTgezN.jpg

Washington Vape Advocacy Group, PLB: https://www.pinklungbrigade.org/