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Top Five Power seeds you need to know about

By July 4, 2017Indoor Seeds
indoor seeds

With amazing assortment of cannabis seeds in the market, Power seeds have a place of their own. Here is the list of popular power seeds available in the market today.
Power Seeds White Widow
Known for her fruity and sweet aroma, power seeds White widow, Power seeds White Widow needs no introduction. This average sized cannabis seeds brags of dense hard buds. Engulfed in her White resin shroud, this renowned widow has a spell bounding effect on all those who smokes her
Genetically made up of 50% Indica and 50 % Sativa, this indoor type cannabis power seeds takes almost 8 weeks for indoor flowering. With the indoor yield of around 500 grams / m2, these power seeds are almost 120 cm in height.
Power seeds Jack Herriar
Power Seeds Jack Herriar is one of the best hybrids ever created. It is a multiple hybrid seed created with the combination of three of the strongest varieties, after myriad years of selective breeding. With the flowering time of almost nine weeks, these indoor seeds are almost 170 cm in height, producing yield of almost 500 gram / m2. The genetic make-up of these seeds being 50% Indica and 50 % Sativa, the plants grown from these seeds are also used for medicinal purpose. The smell of these plants is fresh with a hint of skunkiness and a bit of mist accent.
Power Seeds Durban Poison
Durban Poison power seeds originally belong to South Africa but they have been brought to the Netherlands so that they can be perfectly finished into an optimum quality product for commercialization purpose. However, now Durban Poison power seeds are commonly grown in Netherlands. With the genetic makeup of 25 % Indica and 75% Sativa, these power cannabis seeds can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. Durban Poison which takes almost 8 weeks for indoor flowering produces indoor yield of 450 grams / m2 and grows around 120 cm in height. These cannabis seeds exhibit amazingly sweet aroma with a hint of anise and produces long, fat, sticky buds.
Power Seeds Big Bud – Power Seeds
Big buds power seeds are an astounding cannabis variety known for big buds. Cannabis seeds Big Buds are so big and heavy that their branches find it very difficult to undertake their weight. Big Buds power seeds are one of the rarest strains that combine exceptional stoner quality weed and a productive commercial yield. This easy to grow strain is apt for both a Newbie as well as expert weed growers.
These cannabis seeds which consist of 50% Indica and 50 % Sativa are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor. These power seeds grow about 130 cm in height and take almost 8 weeks for indoor flowering, producing the yield of almost 500 grams / m2.

Power Seeds Nlx
Cannabis power seeds NLX re fresh smelling and amazingly sweet to taste seeds. Ideal for first time growers as these seeds can be grown very easily. Hybrid between Nothern light and White widow, these indoor seeds take almost nine weeks for flowering. Genetically, these seeds are made up of 75% Indica and 25 % Sativa.