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How to Pass Drug Test?

how to pass a urine drug test

So you’re nervously “surfing” the Internet, probably having waited till the last minute, wondering how to pass a drug test. Chances are you are now more confused and frustrated than when you first started trying to acquire this information.

Today, there are as many suggestions on how to pass a drug test as there are companies offering products to defeat one. We at UrineTheClear wish to provide the consumer with no-nonsense info. and product solutions.

Unlike so many other companies in our industry who simply resell other manufacturer’s products, and offer every testing solution in the book, UrineTheClear sells only one product: human urine and advocates only one method: substitution. We do not sell adulterants or detoxifiers. We do not offer synthetic urine or shampoos. Why? They simply are not fool-proof.

Our human urine is sold as either a dehydrated urine kit or frozen urine kits. Regardless of which kit you choose, you are getting actual pre-tested human urine. We have been doing this since 1999 and as such have developed a reputation as pioneers in our industry with the envious distinction of having achieved many firsts. We were the first company to offer a dehydrated urine kit, the first to offer a 300% guarantee and remain the first, and only, company to utilize GC/ MS testing on our urine samples.

The frozen urine kit, our very first product offering, continues to be a customer favorite and is usually bought for pre-employment situations, while our dehydrated urine kit is the perfect solution for post employment, random scenarios. Either way, UrineTheClear has your back. (267)

We try to put ourselves in the mind of the consumer when it comes to providing answers to questions from understandably nervous and confused consumers. The amount of misinformation and general lack of knowledge that exists when a company is merely a reseller is an all too common occurrence in our industry. We at UrineTheClear have tried to make it as simple as possible. Ours is a common-sense approach to the drug testing industry. After all, what makes more sense than giving them exactly what it is they are asking for: clean urine!!

Please feel free to call us anytime at 877REALPEE and let us design a solution custom tailored to your particular needs. Thank you everyone for your continued support and for spreading the word about UrineTheClear. There is no better product endorsement than word of mouth and for this we sincerely thank you!!

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test | Passing a drug test with Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test | Passing a drug test with Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

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The time has come for you to start finding a job. Or maybe your parents have surprised you with a drug test. Whatever the reason, you need to act quickly. Although fooling the system can be hard if you don’t know what you’re doing, passing a drug test isn’t all that difficult if you have the right resources. In this article, we’ll show you how to pass a drug test using a variety of different methods.
Perhaps you work for a company that requires routine standard drug tests, or perhaps a drug test is a condition of a legal settlement. A drug test might use a sample of your urine, hair, blood, or saliva. It is to your personal and professional benefit to test negative for drugs in your system. The best way to pass a drug test by far is to understand how long drugs remain in your system and discontinue drug use for the proper amount of time.If you need to pass a drug test on short notice, the first thing you should know is that testing technology has advanced to the point where classic ways to fake a test, like putting some salt in your urine sample or using fake pee, are mostly detectable. Your best bet is to prepare your body as far in advance as possible by stopping drug use as soon as you find out you need to take the test. When there’s not enough time to flush traces of drugs from your body, there are last-ditch techniques you can try to thwart the system. And when all else fails, knowing your rights can help you out of a bind. Keep reading to learn the best ways to deal with a drug test on short notice.
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