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Infused Canna Coconut Oil with ABV weed || Simple Recipe (music) (4k)

How to make Canna Coconut Oil using ABV weed with this simple and clean method

no music version: https://youtu.be/2W8LtzawxFw

-1oz ABV (already been vaped) weed
-2 cups coconut oil

-use a double-boiler to melt coconut oil on medium heat
-place abv in cheesecloth and tie securely
-add abv pouch to coconut oil and heat for 2 hours
-periodically, check the water level of the double boiler and add as necessary so that the water level is just below the upper bowl
-let the infused canna coconut oil cool for 10mins
-wring out every last drop of infused canna coconut oil from the avb pouch
-store infused canna coconut oil in a glass jar

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