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How to make Cannabis Coconut Oil

****Hey guys please note you can stew this for a less amount of time say, 4 hours once the temperature is reached. PLEASE READ ON BELOW

I only left it on for this time bc I had a huge batch and I just did it before I went to bed and other reasons Ill mention below.

Remember keep the temperature at 110 if you want to keep the psychoactive effects and 160 if you would like to remove those effects, but if you do want to remove them then you want it to stay on longer than 4 hours. (12 to 24 works) its not an exact science.

I made this for an old lady with cancer who had never tried pot. I did not want her to have a bad experience with the psychoactive effects not knowing her body type etc.

***This is Quick simple Step by Step Video on How to infuse Marijuana with coconut oil for the treatment of pain.***