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Basic Information about the E cigarette

A plausible solution to cigarette smoking addiction that works is the e-cigarette. The electric cigarette option is one of the best ways to curb and cut down on the effects the normal tobacco based cigarette has on a user. Considering the negative side effects brought about by smoking the organic version, there is need to find the healthier version that surely provides a fix for your nicotine needs while reducing chances of you contracting unneeded ailments. This is where this device, medically proven and approved, comes in to save the day and possibly your health. Therefore, it rather important that you understand the working of the e-cig for you to understands its benefits and workings.

The basic make of an electronic cigarette

An e-cigarette consists of three main components: the battery, an atomizer and a mouthpiece. These three parts are combined together to create a replica of the real cigarette stick. However, the electronic version works differently from the organic option while delivering the much needed stimulant, nicotine.

How it works

The battery pack holds the circuitry, a sensor, a battery and an LED. Once inhaled by a user the sensor translates the pull and activates the atomizer. The atomizer in turn gets a dose of propylene glycol from the mouthpiece end and heats it up into a vapor then releases it back through the mouthpiece as it is being inhaled. This simulates the actual smoking process, by releasing the nicotine based vapor while at the same time the little LED light glowing at the front part like a lit cigarette.

Nicotine levels in an electric cigarette

The nicotine levels in this device option are pretty much the same or a bit over the normal levels in a tobacco cigarette. Once inhaled, the nicotine is directly fed to your system. The great thing about the e-cigarette option for a nicotine fix for addicts is that:

* Nicotine delivered is in its pure form. This is advantageous since the extra harmful elements like tar and other chemicals found in tobacco are eliminated. The electric cigarette usually has around 20 elements in it which are safe for human consumption as opposed to the over 40,000 elements found in a tobacco cigarette stick.
The end product

When an e cigarette is puffed on, the end product is a vapor that delivers nicotine to the mouth of the smoker. This makes the cigarette a better and far more convenient option for smoking. There is no smell or smoke emitted; what you give out is a vapor that quickly disappears once exhaled.

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