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How to Use Denture Cream or Adhesives Correctly

By January 9, 2017How To Eat Dabs
how to eat dabs

Remember, a little goes a long way. There are several types of denture adhesive/creams to choose from, some comes containing with zinc. These kinds of adhesives lead to burning sensation that begins with the gums. If you are seeking denture cream, strip or powder must go to zinc free denture creams that is right for your gums.

Proper application of denture adhesive is very important, if the wearer wants to enjoy a secure fit which makes him or her to smile and eat without feeling any hesitation. Even when dentures are an ideal fit, there is still need to use a recommended adhesive to avoid denture slipping or other situations that could prove embarrassing. Give a close attention towards the amount of denture cream or glue used and apply the product at specific area where the dentures make contact with your gums.

Steps to use Denture Glue or Adhesive properly:

1. Extract and measure a small amount of the denture adhesive, use more if needed but too much denture adhesive can cause oozing. Apply that small amount as a single dab at the center of the groove in the dentures. Do not attempt to spread out the adhesive.

2. Again repeat the same process by measuring a similar amount of adhesive and applying near the left end of the denture groove. Follow with a third application near the right end of the groove. For larger dentures, two more dabs placed strategically on the left and right, and roughly at equal distances from the dab in the middle may be necessary.

3. Test the fit. Place the dentures into position on the gum. The fit should feel secure, with no slippage or discomfort. No excess of the adhesive should seep from the dentures into the mouth or along the exposed areas of the gum line. If the hold not feels secure or an unusual sense of discomfort is there, remove the dentures and add one or two more dabs, until the dentures do feel secure and comfortable.

4. Move on to the next denture plate. Apply the adhesive dabs, taking care to not use too much adhesive with each dabs. Check the denture and make sure that the fit is comfortable. If not, remove and add extra dabs or two as needed.

5. Close and store the denture adhesive container. Replacing the cap promptly after use, it will help to prevent product from drying or becoming less effective. Store the denture adhesive in a cool dry area until it is needed for the next time.

Using too much denture adhesive can interfere with creating a secure hold, and will also make it harder to clean the dentures when they are removed for the night.

Keep in mind that some kind of denture glue contains significant amounts of zinc. If anyone using this kind of adhesive then this can lead to tingling sensation that begins with the gums. Discontinue the use of this type of denture adhesive, use zinc free denture adhesive to avoid sensitivity. Secure is a brand providing zinc free denture cream and more denture products, you can get best denture glue or adhesive from Secure.

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