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How long does Cannabis stay in your system. How long do marijuana drug tests detect use for ?

Advice on how long cannabis id=s detectable by a drug test. Why cannabis stays in your system and is detectable for so long. the difference between saliva and urine cannabis tests. information on drug testing issues, products and instructions provided by http://www.ukdrugtesting.co.uk/acatalog/Home_Cannabis_Tests.html
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How long does cannabis stay in the system? - Cannabis detection times.

How long does cannabis stay in the system? Visit http://www.drug-aware.com. This depends upon how you are doing your testing. If you are testing a saliva sample, cannabis is detectable for a number of hours. If you are testing a urine sample, then cannabis is detectable for a number of days. With hair testing, cannabis is detectable for a number of months. It is also dependent on how much cannabis has been used. In the case of urine testing, a one-off use of cannabis wouldn’t be detectable much longer than around a week, whereas use once or twice a week, say at weekends, would be detectable for around 10 to 14 days. Long-term regular use can be detectable as long as a month. This is because the cannabis metabolite is an oil, and bonds with your body’s fat reserves. The more you contaminate your body, the longer it takes to leech out of your system at low levels. The easiest way to determine the the cannabis has left the person’s system is to carry out a cannabis drug test using a home kit. These are inexpensive and simple to carry out.

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