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what caffeine does to your body?is caffeine found in tea,coffee,energy drinks good for your health?

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what caffeine does to your body?is caffeine found in green tea coffee cocoa,cola and energy drinks good for your health? https://youtu.be/cUYBTyQiW0Y

Caffeine is naturally found in various plants such as coffee beans,tea leaves,kola nuts used to flavor soft drink colas,and cacao pods used to make chocolate products,Man-made caffeine is sometimes added to foods, soft drinks, and medicines.

Ninety percent of people in the world use caffeine in one form or another. In the U.S., 80 percent of adults consume caffeine every day.

In Europe, adults consume on average 200 mg daily (ranging from 100-400 mg), mainly from coffee and tea, but also from soft drinks including “energy drinks”. However, the dose depends greatly on cultural habits.

Caffeine’s main effect on your body is to make you feel more awake and alert for a while, but it can also cause problems. It can:

Make it hard to fall asleep (insomnia)
Make your heart beat faster
Raise your blood pressure
Cause headaches, nervousness,
and/or dizziness
Make you dehydrated
make your body lose more water
Women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant should speak with their doctor about using caffeine

Experts agree that four to seven cups of coffee or more each day is too much.

Moderate daily intake of caffeine usually does not pose a health concern, provided that other lifestyle habits (diet, alcohol consumption, smoking and exercise) are healthy.

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