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Colon Cleansing has been around for centuries. The Indians used Watercress as a form of cleansing out the body after a long winter of not eating enough fruits and vegetables, and being less active. Watercress is great to eat plain and has a wonderful pepper taste to it.

If you have never cleansed, or if it has been over six months since you last did, Spring is the perfect time to do so. Your colon and other internal organs are full of toxins and build up that prevent you from getting the nutrients out of the food you eat.

There are a lot of different colon cleansing products and systems available, and it is important that you find one that is right for you. Doing a little research on a few of the products that you are interested in can save you a lot of time and heart ache. Make sure to check each products ingredients list, as well as how much of each ingredient is used. Too much of certain ingredients can be bad for your health.

The best place to start researching a colon cleansing product is the Internet. There are professional reviews, customer testimonials and news articles on almost every detoxification product and system. The easiest way to find these resources is to type in the name of the product along with the word “review.” You can also find a lot of great information regarding colon cleansing at your local bookstores and library.

The other method for colon cleansing is simply eating a diet high in fiber. This method of cleansing is not as effective as a dedicated detoxification product, but it is a great way to start down the path for a healthier internal digestive system.

It does not matter if you are using a detoxification product, or just eating a diet high in fiber, you must drink a lot of water during either. Considering you are flushing your system of unwanted toxic build up, you must be fully hydrated to get aid in the process.

Cutting out caffeine and alcohol is always best when doing a colon cleanse regimen. Also trying to cut out foods that are processed can be a great help while on any cleanse since you are trying to get rid of toxins and plaques and not put any back into your system.

As we all get older our bodies cannot expel the waste like they could when you were younger. This can cause so many health problems because the sludge and waste stay in your body for days which can hinder nutrient absorption. The main thing to remember is to eat any food that has to be peeled and to consume at least 64 ounces of water daily. Avoiding sweets and sugars and also starting an exercise program will help you get the best results from a colon cleanse.

How long do drugs actually stay in your system? John and Hannah tell you how long drugs last in your body. If there are other drugs you want to know how long they last, let us know.

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