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Lower Heat Bills With a Vaporizer

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The climate in which we live is determined by a number of things and mainly by the temperature and relative humidity in the air. Though we have no control over the weather and the climactic conditions created by nature, we do largely determine the conditions found within our home.

We use heating and cooling systems to maintain a certain temperature so that we feel comfortable. A thermostat for heating and cooling systems, however, only gives us control over the temperature. To create optimal climate conditions within the walls of our home, we must also be able to control the relative humidity within those walls. During colder weather when heating units are running and heat bills often soar, adding a vaporizer to restore moisture to the air significantly affects home climate conditions and lowers heat bills.

Especially if you live in an area of the world where high relative humidity accompanies higher temperatures in the summer months, you have likely heard the expression, it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. During times of extreme summer heat and humidity, the body feels much hotter because it is less capable of cooling itself by natural means of sweat evaporation.

When the humidity is high and temperatures are warm, sweat from the body cannot evaporate as efficiently due to the saturation of moisture in the air. This creates the need for alternative means of cooling such as an air conditioner with a vaporizer system.

Conversely, during the winter months, temperatures drop and so does the relative humidity. We turn on the heat and crank up the thermostat in our homes to warm the air so that we feel comfortable.

When this happens, the air in our home becomes even drier, creating the need to increase the thermostat temperature even more to feel comfortable. Most homes utilize a forced air system for heating and as air is blown through the ductwork and into a room, it becomes very dry. A vaporizer replaces the moisture that is lost from the air when the air is warmed and blown through the house by the system’s fan.

Adding a vaporizer to the equation does not actually change the air temperature, but it increases the relative humidity in the air. The effect is a change in the overall climate inside your home and it feels warmer. Because the added humidity makes for a warmer climate, the thermostat temperature can be lowered. You feel comfortable in your home at a lower temperature and the benefit is a lower heat bill.

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